In 1998, John Stericker literally stumbled across When a close friend put a shout-out looking for a room, John typed into Netscape Navigator (it was 1998 after all) in the hope that he could help his friend out. Seeing the domain name had not been registered, he bought it on the spot. Now 18 years later, he says the destiny for the website has called out to him, and he’s determined more than ever to see it through.

Living in share houses in Sydney’s Kings Cross for 15 years, John would see the extreme ends of the housing spectrum. As street kids hustled on the corner outside his window, fancy SUVs would drive past dropping the more fortunate children to the private school up the road.

It took John to have kids of his own to fully appreciate what he had already achieved in life, but more importantly, he began to think of the legacy he wanted to leave for his own kids. It was this light bulb moment that lead John to decide that would be a voice for the street.

John has worked the corporate life in parallel to honing his vision for Not regretting why the site has never really taken off earlier, he has accepted that it was only a matter of time for the true calling of to come to light. and Homeless charity StreetSmart have agreed to a partnership, with providing financial support to StreetSmart. Every paid subscription on our site will see 50% of that subscription donated to assist grassroots homelessness projects that StreetSmart funds. For more information, please visit the article on our blog.

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